Privacy Policy

Fowler Allergy is dedicated to protecting your privacy while visiting our web site. To allow you to better understand the privacy practices of this website, we present our privacy policy.

General Access Privacy Statement

Summary: does not collect information that identifies its users for general access visits. The only information collected is thatwhich is collected by the server for maintaining data to track general access trends and information.

General access is defined as visits to the website which access only those sections of the website that are accessible to the general public.In practice, this is every section of the website except for the Refill Requests section, which requires a valid log-in to view.

For general access users, this website does not send any cookies or other specific identification technology that resides on your computer.

General access users are monitored by the server and the access information is retained indefinitely to allow Fowler Allergy to bettertune the website’s content and structure to suit the needs of its audience. The information collected by the sever for general access users includes:

  • Information about your browser – Usually sent as part of a standard HTTP request, this allows us to track what technologies you are using to access our website. If necessary, we can and will modify the site so the majority of our users get the best possible presentation.
  • Your IP Address – Your IP address is retained. However, this does not allow us to personally identify you. This allows Fowler Allergy to track where users are coming from and block abusive users or detect trends in use.
  • What site referred you, if any – This is sent as part of a standard web request and allows us to see if you are being referred to our site by another site, or if you came directly to our site.

Additionally, we track general trends in use, such as which pages were the most requested or viewed for the longest periods of time. No effort is made to identify general access visitors to the site.

Information about general access viewers is kept confidential and is not disclosed to third parties.

Patient Refill Privacy Statement

Summary: The patients area of collects and retains indefinitely certain identifying information, includingnames, phone number, and requested prescriptions or antigens for refill purposes.

Entering the patients area of from the “Refill Request” area and requesting a prescription or antigen refill will result in additional information being retained by Fowler Allergy. In addition to the all the information retained above, additional information will be retained. This information includes:

  • Names – To identify who the refill is for and who the refill is requested by, your name will be retained.
  • Phone Number – Your phone number will be sent along with your request so that we can contact you in case there is a need to regardingyour refill request.
  • Requested Refill Information – Either your antigen or prescription refill information will be stored as well — this is also needed to process your refill request.

This information is e-mailed to the Fowler Allergy office and will be retained for as long as is deemed necessary by Fowler Allergy