Accessibility Features has a number of features to aid in accessibility for visitors using assistive technologies to aid their visit to this site. The major features are:

  • In-page navigation links

    – every page on Fowler Allergy features the same “Skip Navigation” and “Back To Top” links. These links allow users to skip the navigation and jump directly to the content, or to immediately jump to the top of the page. The Skip Navigation link follows the standard Welcome To… header found on every page andtakes the user directly to the content. The Back To Top link comes at the end of the page and will return the user to the top of the document. Skip Navigation has been assigned a tab index of 1, which means it is the first link activated when a visitor to our site presses tab for the first time on a page. These links are not visible to users who are visiting with browsersthat support the CSS 2.0 specification — except for those using assistive technologies such as screen reading software.

  • Access keys for navigation

    – to aid in accessibility, the navigation bar has been augmented with access keys to allow easier access to links. To use these keys, PC users must press the ALT key plus the access key. Macintosh users should press CTRL plus the access key. The active access keys on this site are:

    • 1 – Return to the home page
    • 2 – Staff page
    • 3 – Fowler Allergy mission statement
    • 4 – Dr. Fowler bio
    • 5 – New Patient Forms
    • 6 – Refill Requests (password protected; existing patients only)
    • 7 – Fowler Allergy contact information
    • 8 – Map to the Fowler Allergy offices

Accesibility Compliance

Fowler Allergy strives to maintain the highest standards of presentation and accessibility of information on the website.To meet these goals, this website has been designed to comply with a number of technical and accessibility standards, as follows:

  • xHTML 1.0/Transitional

    – a technical standard for the display ofweb pages. This site conforms to the xHTML 1.0/Transitional specification and has been validated by the W3C Markup Validator. This siteshould display in any device compatible with the xHTML 1.0/Transitional markup specifications.

  • CSS 2.0

    – a technical standard for providing visual styling to pages that support theCascading Style Sheets specifications. This site uses two style sheets – a baseline presentation for older browsers, and for newer browsers, a full graphical style sheet.These style sheets have passed the validation tests of the W3C CSS Validator. If your browser is displaying these pages in a manner that seems incorrect or wrong, it is strongly recommended that you upgrade your browser to its latest version. This site is also fully accessible in browsers that do not utilize style sheets, such as the lynx text-only browser.

  • Section 508 Compliance

    – Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act is a federal standard that sets out rules that govern accessibility of web information by userswho have any sort of disability or impairment that may require them to use assistive technolgies. Though Section 508 applies to the federal sector, in the interest of best practices and maximizing accessibility to the users of, this site has been tested against Watchfire’s WebXAct suite of tests to verify compliance. Since this is not a fully automatic test, some manual testing and judgement must be made. We believe that complies with this standard. If you have reason to believe that this site does not fully comply, please contact us and describe the issue.

  • W3C WCAG-AA Compliance

    – The World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelinesare a series of progressive guidelines that ensure maximum accessibility for information, above and beyond Section 508 Standards. Using the above-mentioned Watchfire’s WebXAct suite of tests,this site has been found to pass all automatic tests. Upon review, it is believed that this site conforms most closely to the AA level of compliance, which surpasses the baseline guidelines. This site also meets several AAA guidelines for accessibility.


The following is a brief text map that details the pages and structure of the website:

  • Home
  • About
    • About
    • Dr. Fowler
    • Staff
    • Services
  • Patient
    • New Patient Forms
    • Patient Portal
  • Resources
    • Helpful Links
    • Recipes
  • Contact Us
  • Search