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Laurie Fowler M.D. specializes in allergy treatment for people of all ages.

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Fowler Allergy helps people manage their allergies.

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flowerMany people have no idea how bad their allergies are actually making them feel.

Although most people associate nasal symptoms (such as sneezing and drainage) and eye symptoms (itching and tearing) with allergies, they can, in fact, be much more complicated. Often times, patients report that they have a “cold” the same time every year. Chronic sinus infections and congestion, headaches, stomach aches and hives all point to some degree of allergy. Fatigue is a primary indicator of allergy. In children, allergies can cause anything from skin problems (eczema, hives) to wheezing, reflux, recurrent ear infections and behavioral problems.

Dr. Fowler has a firm belief that “whole body health” is the key to making people feel their best.

This includes not only good allergy management, but also healthy nutrition, exercise, and limiting excess chemical exposures.

We invite you to spend some time getting to know us. Of course, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Dr. Fowler is an expert in her field! She listens to all concerns and truly has her patients’ best interest at heart!